The Shining and The Shunning

Week 8 : The Shining & The Shunning Justin Rosser November 2, 2020

Shining- D.K Metcalf: O.K, this man is an ANIMAL. Metcalf went for 12 receptions on 15 targets for 161 yards with 2 TD’s. No one can stop him, if you cover over top he will just cut underneath and if you play tight coverage, well then we all know what happens. Metcalf has proven himself to be in the top 5 WR rankings and will go in the first round of drafts next year. 

Shining- Corey Davis: Following last week’s upwards trending 12.5 (0.5 PPR) point performance, he came out with a monster game in week 8. With an 80% catch rate at 8/10 Receptions and 128 yards receiving plus a TD. All the Corey Davis truthers can take a deep breath and relax, this guy looks like he has finally found his rhythm. Davis has proven he has chemistry with Tannehill this year and can be used in your flex spot with a pretty decent floor in 2020.

Shunning- Diontae Johnson: I have never been a Dionatae Johnson guy, some people swear by him, he has had 2 good games this year, but other than that it’s been gross. On Sunday against a stout Ravens defense, he could only manage to bring in 1 of 3 targets, I know he left temporarily with an injury, but man does he seem injury prone. I just cannot trust the guy, normally I would fade him, but he does have a juicy match up week 9 against a horrible Dallas defense. START AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Shunning- Rashard Higgins: Week 8 waiver wire fodder was centered around this man. With OBJ having a season ending injury, Higgins showed promise subbing into the game against the Bengals. Everyone paid big money and plugged him into their lineups, confident that CLE vs LV was going to be a shootout. Well the opposite happened and he only had 3 targets, catching 1 of them for 14 yards. It’s nice the Browns are going on BYE as he will have more practice time as the WR2 on the team. This is someone I would struggle to start Week 10 unless I’m in a dire situation.

Shining- Dalvin Cook: If Dalvin Cook was not so injury prone, he could be my favorite RB in the league. A Bell Cow workload of 30 rushes churning it into 163 yards and 3 TDs *drool*.  Oh by the way, he also caught 2/3 receptions for 63 yards plus another TD. This week winning performance, has any non-Cook owners jealous and owners that have him are eyeing the post season (if he can stay healthy). I would highly recommend trying to get Alexander Mattison as a handcuff, even if you have to overpay a little.

Shining- Zach Moss: My boy Moss went off this week. I previously wrote my article on “BUY LOW SELL HIGH”, insisting on grabbing Moss before it’s too late. Well that price tag is shooting up as he rushed 14 times for 81 yards at 5.71 yards per carry. He also got into the end zone twice, showing that they prefer him in the red zone as well. I would be comfortable starting him in your flex spot and if he has another performance like this he could spot you in your RB2. Go put a feeler out for this guy and get him on your roster.

Shunning- Clyde Edwards Helaire: As a big advocate for CEH, there is definitely some worrisome stats as of late, week 6 he had 26 carries, week 7 he had 8 carries and week 8 he had 6 carries. With his 6 carries he had 21 yards on the ground, averaging 3.5 yards per carry. He had 3/3 receptions for only 10 yards in the air, as his average has dropped nearly 2 targets a game from the first 5 games of the year. Look for him to turn it around against a horrible Carolina rush defense before their week 10 BYE week.

Shunning- Jonathan Taylor: Coming off their BYE week, Taylor had his second lowest rushing attempts of the year at 11. He looked indecisive and was regularly running into the back of his blockers. He ran for 22 yards at 2.0 Yards per carry. He was still involved in the passing game with 3 targets and 2 receptions, but only for 9 yards. It was also reported that he has an ankle injury. Taylor has been a consistent 11-15 point guy in 0.5 PPR, but we have yet to see that “ultra-talent” that have had so many people convinced in their drafts. You’re playing him every week that he is healthy, besides everyone has bad games. He faces a stout run defense next week in the Ravens (27th), watch his injury status carefully.

Shunning- D’Andre Swift: This was not the week for rookie RBs, I was all-in on “SWIFT SZN”, wow was I slapped Sunday by the fantasy gods. He only had 6 carries for 1 yard.  The Colts defense snuffed out every opportunity he had, at least he had 3 out of 4 receptions.  Detroit’s run game was nowhere to be seen and I truly believe Swift is still a great play weekly. Minnesota is an average run defense, so feel comfortable with Swift in your flex.

Shining- Kelce: I know it’s the J-E-T-S. Regardless, with Kittles injury, Kelce is the hands down, bar none, best TE in football. If you have him on your roster, you have an advantage over your opponent every week. He caught 8 of 12 targets for 109 yards and a TD. He is a beast and has between 18-20 points in 4 of 8 games this year. He is so far ahead of any other TE it’s not even funny.

Shunning- Jonnu Smith: This was supposed to be a strong performance for Jonnu, as owners were fully confident in starting him again the Bengals. He had only 2 of 2 receptions for 29 yards and Anthony Firsker had more targets. With TE position hard to come by so far this year, he is pretty much an auto start, but he faces a tough Chicago defense week 9.

Justin Rosser November 02/2020

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