3 Draft Mistakes to Avoid

With your league draft being one of the most important and enjoyable parts of the season, you don’t want to mess it up by making big mistakes. You’ll end up kicking yourself all season long and it will obviously detract from your ability to compete for a championship. Lets skip past some of the mostContinue reading “3 Draft Mistakes to Avoid”

Draft Strategy: Avoiding the Busts

David Carey – @87_Carey We’re in the peak of the NFL off-season sandwiched somewhere between Dynasty and Redraft. The common conversations have started to shift away from Dynasty outlooks and begun to focus on players for the upcoming Redraft season. This is the beginning of the hot/cold takes and the time in which people develop aContinue reading “Draft Strategy: Avoiding the Busts”

Trading back in Redraft/Dynasty drafts

Justin Rosser July 3rd 2021 @Justinrosser10 Is trading back, actually a good strategy? Trading back takes patience, knowledge of your teammate’s “guys”, and willingness to lose on higher ADP players for the depth of your roster. This only works in slow draft formats where you have time to negotiate your trade options. My favorite timeContinue reading “Trading back in Redraft/Dynasty drafts”