Rookie Draft: Tiers & Strategy

Today’s topic will actually have very little to do with the players in 2022 Rookie drafts. Instead, we’re going to talk about some Tiers and strategy as you prepare for your upcoming Dynasty Football Rookie draft. Understanding the tiers within a draft are as important as understanding the players and potentials. First off, let’s takeContinue reading “Rookie Draft: Tiers & Strategy”

2021 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft

April 25, 2021 This PRE-NFL first round draft is based off of 1 QB, PPR, Non-TE premium settings as a linear (non-snake) style draft and will be done in preparation for your 2021 Dynasty Rookie Mock Drafts. Also remember to check out the Fantasy Marksmen’s consensus NFL rookie mock draft for the upcoming 2021 DRAFT!Continue reading “2021 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft”