2021 Quarterback (QB) Rankings top 20

Justin Rosser- April 3, 2021 This ranking system is based on REDRAFT, 0.5 point per reception formats. Be sure to check out our other rankings: Top 15 TE, Top 20 RB, Top 20 WR. Note: These rankings are not subject to the 2021 draft class and will be updated post draft if applicable. Deshaun WatsonContinue reading “2021 Quarterback (QB) Rankings top 20”

Running back Rankings (2021)

This ranking system is based on REDRAFT, 1.0 point per reception formats. Justin Rosser @justinrosser10 Tier 1 Christian McCaffrey (CAR) 2. Dalvin Cook (MIN) 3. Alvin Kamara (NO) Tier 2 4. Derrick Henry (TEN) 5. Nick Chubb (CLE) 6. Jonathan Taylor (IND) 7. Saquon Barkley (NYG) Tier 3 8. Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) 9. Austin EkelerContinue reading “Running back Rankings (2021)”