Fantasy Baseball Preview – May 10 – 16

Entering the second week in May and there is a lot to break down. Pitching continues to be a main topic of discussion. This is the fastest we have ever seen four no-hitters in an MLB season. The latest, from Reds starter, Wade Miley. As the weather continues to heat up during the warmer months,Continue reading “Fantasy Baseball Preview – May 10 – 16”

MLB ADP Beaters

The 2021 MLB Season is turning the corner from early spring, which is typically slow to start, into a summer season which see’s warmer weather and favorable conditions for Baseball. Looking around the league we’re already seeing players stand out as compared to their ADP or pre-season consensus rankings. Our aim today is to recountContinue reading “MLB ADP Beaters”

Fantasy Baseball – Week 3 Preview

Welcome to the Fantasy Baseball Preview. This is where we will take a look at the best roster moves for the week ahead. From two-start pitcher to top waiver wire adds, this is meant to guide fantasy owners to a championship. While each league has different league settings, there is more than enough information forContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball – Week 3 Preview”

NL West Division Preview

David Carey – March 28, 2021 The LA Dodgers had the best season across Major League Baseball in 2020. They led the league with 43 wins putting them 3 clear of Tampa Bay in the regular season before eventually triumphing in the NLDS, after being down big, over Atlanta then flexing in World Series againstContinue reading “NL West Division Preview”

Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Third Base

Jeremy Maw@J_mawMarch 22, 2021 Arguably the most interesting position in fantasy drafts this season, is the “hot corner”. There is one undisputed top tier player who needs to be considered in the first round. Then, a ton of players in the mid-tier (11 players from an ADP of 21-95). What makes this position the mostContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Third Base”

AL Central Division Preview

David Carey – March 18, 2021 Following the American League across the country we land in the AL Central Division. In this preview we’re aiming to condense a summary of the shortened 2020 season, a brief recap of the team transactions, lineup previews and team analysis into a brief read which can give you aContinue reading “AL Central Division Preview”

Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Shortstop

Jeremy Maw – March 18, 2021 Welcome to the shortstop breakdown. Similar to last year, this is an absolutely loaded position. There are currently 12 players ranked inside the top 100. In a standard, 5×5, 12 team league, you can feel confident about getting a very good player. Even after the top 12, there areContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Shortstop”

Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – First Base

The MLB season is right around the corner. Although not the most popular fantasy sport, baseball can be the most fun as a GM. There are many stats to break down. While most leagues run a standard 5×5 scoring system, there are hundreds of advanced statistics to dissect. This specific article will look at theContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – First Base”

2021 MLB Fantasy Player Rankings

For many, the last bit of baseball they took in was watching the Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series in 6 games against the Tampa Bay Rays amidst the rise of COVID-19 in North America. For others, Grapefruit and Cactus league baseball is already being consumed at a rapid pace. Either way, with theContinue reading “2021 MLB Fantasy Player Rankings”