Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Third Base

Jeremy Maw@J_mawMarch 22, 2021 Arguably the most interesting position in fantasy drafts this season, is the “hot corner”. There is one undisputed top tier player who needs to be considered in the first round. Then, a ton of players in the mid-tier (11 players from an ADP of 21-95). What makes this position the mostContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Third Base”

Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Shortstop

Jeremy Maw – March 18, 2021 Welcome to the shortstop breakdown. Similar to last year, this is an absolutely loaded position. There are currently 12 players ranked inside the top 100. In a standard, 5×5, 12 team league, you can feel confident about getting a very good player. Even after the top 12, there areContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Shortstop”

Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Second Base

Get ready to navigate the murky waters of drafting your starting second baseman in fantasy. Next to catcher, this is easily the thinnest position. Just seven players have an ADP inside the top 100 and you can make a case to suggest that is too many. Simply put, there are not a lot of eliteContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball Draft Targets – Second Base”