Undervalued Running Backs

Each year, a handful of Running Backs catch lightning in a bottle and blow their pre-season Consensus ADP out of the water. While the recipe for success isn’t the same from season to season, we can certainly reference some examples from previous seasons while looking to find similar situations in 2022. When looking for someContinue reading “Undervalued Running Backs”

Draft Strategy: Avoiding the Busts

David Carey – @87_Carey We’re in the peak of the NFL off-season sandwiched somewhere between Dynasty and Redraft. The common conversations have started to shift away from Dynasty outlooks and begun to focus on players for the upcoming Redraft season. This is the beginning of the hot/cold takes and the time in which people develop aContinue reading “Draft Strategy: Avoiding the Busts”

2021 ADP Value Picks

David Carey – @87_Carey A symbolic and somewhat unofficial kickoff to the redraft season is the beginning of the Scott Fish Bowl. Drafting kicked off on Monday July 5th with the who’s who of the Fantasy Football community linking arms in support of charitable causes. For those who don’t know, the goal which Scott Fish establishedContinue reading “2021 ADP Value Picks”

MLB ADP Beaters

The 2021 MLB Season is turning the corner from early spring, which is typically slow to start, into a summer season which see’s warmer weather and favorable conditions for Baseball. Looking around the league we’re already seeing players stand out as compared to their ADP or pre-season consensus rankings. Our aim today is to recountContinue reading “MLB ADP Beaters”