Fantasy Marksmen Hockey League 2021

The Champion

First place: Dirty Danglers

Second place: Roli Poli Ovi

Third place: Laner’s Legends

Final Standings

Final standings

League Members:

  1. Justin Rosser @Justinrosser10 TEAM NAME: I’m Bettman
  2. Dave Carey @87_Carey TEAM NAME: Twine Ticklers
  3. Jeremy Maw @J_Maw TEAM NAME: No Kane no gain
  4. Jack Reynolds TEAM NAME: Jackplumbz!
  5. Lane Griffith TEAM NAME: Laner’s Legends
  6. Justin Maw TEAM NAME: The 3rd Maw
  7. Graham Clarahan TEAM NAME: DirtyDanglers
  8. Brian Kennedy
  9. Griff & Brandtholt14 @NucksHky TEAM NAME: Roli Poli Ovi
  10. Chris TEAM NAME: Rangers Suck!
  11. Jeff Maw TEAM NAME: Jefgeni Mawlkin
  12. John Doe TEAM NAME: John Doe

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