Week 1 NHL Fantasy Preview

Just like that, a brand new season is here! For those of you not familiar with my work, my name is David Carey. I am one of the Fantasy Marskmen, based out of Edmonton Alberta. Each week, I provide strategy-based Fantasy Hockey content aimed at giving you the upper hand throughout the season. Some ofContinue reading “Week 1 NHL Fantasy Preview”

Week 2 Advice

Week 1 action held a lot of positives from a Fantasy Football perspective. We didn’t see the same level or frequency of injury that we did in 2021. Because of that, we don’t have to enter scramble mode quite so early in the year. I don’t expect as many players to be dropped following weekContinue reading “Week 2 Advice”

Undervalued Running Backs

Each year, a handful of Running Backs catch lightning in a bottle and blow their pre-season Consensus ADP out of the water. While the recipe for success isn’t the same from season to season, we can certainly reference some examples from previous seasons while looking to find similar situations in 2022. When looking for someContinue reading “Undervalued Running Backs”