Dynasty Fantasy Football: March

Justin Rosser- March 17, 2021

As a lot of Dynasty leagues, while active, are much quieter than normal as everyone takes in a bit of an off-season, then comes March.

March starts with trade rumors and free agent destination predictions, as anticipation grows, the fantasy GM’s crawl out of their caves waking from hibernation. I see some crazy stuff happen in March, everyone starts making trades for picks, hungry to get some action in the upcoming rookie draft. Blockbuster deals and people selling their picks for gold, some teams go the route of the discounted veteran players, stacking up for a big (but possibly short) push for the title.

Thoughts for March:

Players values rise and fall with free agency opening up and names flying around to different teams. When you’re thinking of making player for player trades, take two things under consideration, age and destination. Whether that destination be the same place as years past, we need to fill our rosters with players on good teams and knowing where a player will play is a huge gamble in PRE free agency trades. Some players value soar, while others plummet. Age is also everyone’s favorite thing to trade for, getting younger is getting better, right? Not always true, in my experience, players peak at different times for different positions.


QB: Quarterbacks Peak at all different ages, but usually struggle more in their first two years in the league, but their careers last much longer on average (only less than kickers). They peak around 29 and can have plenty of good years after.

RB: Running backs peak around ages 24-27, then start to decline and have rapid drop offs, so try to keep backs a bit younger.

WR: Wide receivers peak at ages 25-28, some still thrive into their early 30’s, but you can afford to have a bit older of a wide receiver core in your stables, they decline slower.

TE: Tight ends usually having growing pains their first couple years in the league, but really thrive from ages 26-28, but like running backs, they have a heavy drop off after 30.

So try to build a team around those conditions to succeed, it’s not all about just pure youth. Sometimes it is really helpful to get a discount on an older player, just past his peak age, which could really help push your team to a title.

IMPORTANT: If there is one thing i could tell you to try and plan ahead, is draft values. If you want to have more draft capital, March is not the time to go looking. First round picks of promising young players (gamble) are going for studs and if you prepare well, you can take advantage of this unique value change.

Try to acquire picks during the season for future years, I know, its painful to wait, but you get the best currency at this point. If you are trying to move up in a draft or just before the draft, its going to cost you an arm and a leg for a non guaranteed player. Be smart, trade smart and always keep an eye on the FA list as this time of year can make some of those players available really valuable, good luck in the 2021 season!

Justin Rosser- March 17, 2021

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